Wholesale Discount Policy

Wholesale Discount Policy

The key business principle of Lovelytop.com is that we provide high quality with low cost Jewelry and accessories for our precious customers, furthermore, the importance of paying attention to customer service cannot be overemphasized. Our website regards maintaining positive long term business relations to our customers as our aims of attempt. Please trust us and do not hesitate to shop on Lovelytop.com. We will do our utmost to realize our objective and improve our customer satisfaction.

There is no MOQ and MPQ when placing order at Lovelytop.com. However, it is better for you to accumulate products you would like to buy for one order due to high expenditure of long journey multinational delivery. Customers can get the discounts if you have receive any kind of coupon code or gift voucher code from us. Or Lovelytop.com offer our Big Customers with extraordinarily surprised cheap price.

There is three unusual ways of discount for our precious customers we normally adopt on our website.

1. Discount Coupon Code

Discount coupon code can be get by two ways: firstly, we will do promotion via advisement on our website to inform you discount coupon code; secondly, our customer service center will send newsletter to your email account about discount coupon code. The total cost of your shopping at Lovelytop.com will be lowered down when you check out before using the discount coupon code in the shopping cart page.

2. Gift Voucher Code

Gift Voucher Code is the value to offset your purchasing amount. After obtaining gift voucher code by our email, you can use it in the shopping cart page when checkout. How many gift voucher code you own can be seen in your account ”Gift Voucher”. As for a new register at Lovelytop.com, we reward a gift voucher code $5 for a new account and the limitation of $5 usage is the order bigger than $50. Also, another $5 gift voucher code will be issued for next time over $50 order.

3. Bulk Order Discount

Please find that the order amounts only refer to amounts you pay for products, no inclusion of transportation cost. Discounts is only applied to the order amount and no discount for the shipping charges. How much you save can be seen in the shopping cart page. The detailed discount policies of bulk purchase are well illustrated below.

Level 1:  5% discount is reward to the order between USD500.00 to USD1000.00 or the order that one item is ordered over 10 pieces.

Level 2:  8% discount is reward to the order between USD1000.00 to USD1500.00

Level3:  10% discount is reward to the order between USD1500.00 to USD2000.00

Level4:  12% discount is reward to the order more than USD2000.00

The three kinds of discount policy can be used together if you are so luck to get our discount coupon code and gift voucher and meet the discount requirement of the bulk order at the same time, but each policy only can be applied for one time per one order.

If you have the questions about our wholesale discount policy, please don’t hesitate to contact us via  [email protected]