Our Guarantee


Quality control process and inspection procedure


The lean and agile paradigms in our supply chain


7 days unconditional refund policy

Our Guarantee

1. Sourcing your products

 All jewelry and accessories on the Lovelytop.com are selected carefully and sourced at the best price with our long-term partnership manufacturers. Not only commodities shown on the Lovelytop.com can be put orders but also other fashionable products not being displayed can be inquired. Our professional sourcing team will try their best to source all styles you like and give you reasonable quoted price. Agility, Differentiation and Customization are three points we emphasized. Give us various orders, return you a surprise. We are proud of our purchasing team which can offer you with customized products, any differentiation for product manufacture, design, and assemble, and also agility on our supply chain. The Leagile supply chain is our goal to strike that combine leanness in a supply chain which maximize profits through cost reduction while agility maximize profits through providing exactly what the customers require. As a fashion wholesaler, our team enable upstream to be cost effective and our downstream customers to achieve high service level in a volatile marketplace. Leagile is our aim ready for continuously changeable customers’ needs.

 2. Processing you product orders

An email confirmation will be sent to your email account shortly after you click “confirm order” in CHECK OUT. At the same time, our operational team will deal with your orders and check whether something are in a shortage that may delay your orders. If any order is not satisfied at the moment, our operational team will put purchasing orders to our sourcing team and sourcing team will promise 3 days buying that collect all things what you need. Finally, after all things are ready in our warehouse, our logistics team will dispatch orders immediately and transport to you.

3. Testing your products

 There are two procedures to test your products: one is quality control process implemented strictly by manufacturer before they leave the factory; the other is our inspection procedure before dispatch, checking whether its quality is intact and its numbers are in accordance with your order requirements. Invoice and delivery notes will be enclosed with your goods.

4. Packing your products

Reliable packaging materials enables your products not to be damaged and trusted couriers, like DHL guarantee that your goods go through customs successfully and arrive in your hands on time.

5. Tracking your orders

An email of update order status will be sent to your email account after your goods is collected by our courtiers. Also, tracking number is provided for you to track online.

 6. 7 days guarantee

If you are not satisfied with our products, you can return the products to Lovelytop.com within 7 days after you receive. Please refer to  Return & Refund Policy for more detail information.