Customs Declaration

Customs Declaration

As a World Factory, China has been into the limelight worldwide due to an increasing number of well-designed high quality products with efficient cost and expanding international trading. Custom declaration is not a big deal for small business, especially the imitation jewelry of non-previous materials we sell. We are a master in outsourcing fashion products for worldwide customers and we have deep experience of shipping products from China to every corner of the world. Everything is going smoothly and here are the experience to share which may be beneficial for your business.

It is well known that we must follow the Custom rules for the real value of the items. If we don’t take action in the right way, we take a risk that products being shipped to overseas customers may be returned to us or products may be not allowed to ship to the destination country. However, we can share experience how to avoid high import duty and tax when placing order from China. Normally, if you buy products abroad, you have responsibilities to pay for the import duty and tax or VAT when the package arrive at the Custom of your country. The import duty varies from products to products and countries to countries. The tax or VAT means the internal tax when you buy from the local market and it is named internal revenue tax in some countries such as USA but named VAT in other countries, UK, for example.


There are several tips that you need to know about import duty and tax (VAT):

1.It is better to contact your local customs office or visit your local custom website for more information if you do not want to be charged customs fees. In most countries, it is allowable to import goods into the country without any additional duties and taxes when their value is less than a certain amount. Much more details about the import duty and tax(VAT) can be acquired from your local custom website. In most cases, the value for the duty of imitation jewelry is nil on account of the custom policy that the duty should not be charged when the total value of the products is less than a certain amount, for instance, the value for duty occur is £135 GBP in UK while $200.00 in USA. The internal tax (in USA) or VAT (in UK) should be taken into consideration for the reason that there is 20% VAT (tax) when invoice value is over 15.00 GBP in UK but zero internal tax when the value is less than $200.00 in USA

2. It is strongly recommended that leave us a message and tell us your expected declare value on the invoice when you check out if you want to save money by lowering down the possible custom duties and tax(VAT) in your country.

3. It is unnecessary for you to do the custom declaration by yourself when shopping at and our courier will do custom declaration for you without extra charges for handing fees if the value of order is less than the value of required paying duty and tax. If you orders are quite heavy, we will lower down the value of your parcel to a reasonable level that can be imported to your country without trouble. Our courier will call you first, telling your import duty and tax (VAT), and company’s handing fees (fees for the custom declaration) you need to pay for the package. Once you confirm the import duty and tax (VAT), they will do the custom declaration on your behalf.

Please contact us via email to [email protected] if you have further concern about custom declaration, we would love to discuss together and find better alternative approaches to your problems.